Why you should complete the Future Fit consultation

On 11 September the "Future Fit" consultation will come to a close.

Why you should complete the Future Fit consultation

You may not like the way the way that consultation has been organised or the questions that it asks. You may not think either Option 1 or Option 2 are acceptable.

Whatever your thoughts, taking part in the consultation is the best and only way for you to have your say on the future of local hospital services.

We believe this is the most important local consultation you will even take part in. No matter what you say when you complete the consultation, it’s vital that you have your say.

What we think

Before you complete the consultation, take some time to consider about why we think option 2 is better for you.

• Option 2 will give the local NHS at least an extra £3.3m each year to spend on more GPs and nurses. 

• Option 2 will allow the NHS to invest in a second state of the art cancer centre. 

• Two thirds of all children and pregnant women admitted to hospital live nearer to the Princess Royal Hospital. Choose Option 2 to keep the new £28m Women and Children’s Centre where it is. It makes no sense to move it.

• More than half of people having planned operations live nearer to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. Under option 2, that’s where planned care would be based.

• Average emergency travel times are shorter to the Princess Royal Hospital. Under Option 2, that’s where the Emergency Centre would be based. 

You can complete the consultation now 

To complete the consultation online please visit the Future Fit website before midnight on 11 September where you can find out more about the consultation, read and download their key documents.

If you want to complete the consultation on paper you can download a copy for printing. Remember to post using the FREEPOST address on the back of the form.