Why you should sign our petition and object to Telford's A&E closure

The Secretary of State for Health and top bosses in the NHS have the power to stop this now. We must take matters into our own hands.

Why you should sign our petition and object to Telford's A&E closure

At the time of writing over 20,000 people have signed our petition. If we can get to 100,000 then parliament will have to have a debate on our petition calling Government to organise a rescue plan to prevent the avoidable overnight closure of PRH’s A&E

Signing our petition is quick and its easy. All you have to do is provide your name, email and postcode.

People have told us that they believe that signing this petition will achieve nothing, and that's fine. Many of them have signed it anyway because it only takes a couple of minutes if that. What do you have to lose?

This petition is about you and your local area. You may not sign many petitions that will have a greater impact on your life and those around you.

If the overnight closures goes ahead:

• Around 720 adults and children per month will have to travel to the Royal Shrewsbury or another hospital to attend the
A&E instead of the PRH
• On average 270 adult and 60 child admissions to hospital per month will be diverted to Wolverhampton or Stoke
• The Trust stands to lose £3.4m a year

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