Hello M Waddingon. We back Option 2. Option 2 means that the full 24/7 emergency services will be based in Telford along with the Women and Children's Centre.


You do not mention retaining full A@E in Telford???


Why is it so important to put NHS Wales in to the equation, of where the hospital A&E etc, goes, as it says on the tin, NHS Wales, they should be looking to build a hospital. Also, what absolute guarantee, have we of having a good bus service, to the Shrewsbury Hospital, for the next 50 years, ( As happened els where Crawley to East Surrey, primused a good service? Happened for a few years) Including Sunday all day until 11pm at least, if not, more 999 calls will be made, more patient's will not have visitors, which helps recovery... I have asked a similar question before, and didnt get an answer.... hmmmm


Hurrah, at last someone recognises that £28million pounds spent 4 years ago should not be wasted. I was one of thee early patients in the womens department and cannot fault it. Long may it stay. Have never used A&E but surely with the thousands of new homes in Telford we need Ijt.


Well I really can not get my head around this future fit. Firstly why move the women and children's back to Shrewsbury after having it built at telford. 24 million it cost. Just another waste of money that the NHS can ill afford. Shrewsbury hospital maternity was falling to bits. Both hospital couldn't cope last year's winter or now so what makes them think one hospital can, the mind boggles. Also all these houses that have been built and are being built is stupidity, has there is no infrastructure for any medical services for these extra people. Hospital's can not cope and services overstretched to a point you have to go out the area for certain appointments. Doctors surgeries can not cope, waiting nearly a month for a routine appointment. Trying to get on the day appointment and being diagnosed over the phone. Blooming disgraceful. And that's why A&E is over run because people can not get appointments. Closing the walk in centre a huge mistake!!!! That £321 million will just be wasted on unnecessary moving about and not on getting services right for area and population. It needs both hospitals and the children and maternity needs to stay at telford. Listen to the people who live in the area!!!!!!


Why is Shrewsbury so determined to wipe Telford off the map. All common sense suggests that Telford PRH needs the facilities it already has and more, with its rapidly growing population. It appears from other comments that the trust is running down the facilities of PRH so they can give that as the reason for closing it down!

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State of the PRH facilities

Having used the A&E facility on Monday 26th March 2018 following heart surgery. I was shocked at the state of the facilities. Speaking as a qualified building surveyor i would recommend that further funding is appropriated for the refurbishment and expansion of the A&E facilities as the current facilities are in a poor condition. Given that my visit was at 7 pm on a Monday evening i would strongly urge the staffing be expanded as there was 5 other patients waiting in the corridor when i arrived. This is clearly unacceptable.

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