Future of SaTHT

It is about time that the comitees involved in the decision making listened to thelocal residents who use the services.Also they need reminding that these residents actually contribute a large part of the funding for these services through taxes,national insurance contributions and dare we mention car parking fees.It would be very interesting to know what medical,nursiing or caring experience all the members of these "grand titled 2 committees have to make any decisions on local provisions.I had the privilege of training as a nurse 1956-1959.Our hospitals were run maily by a board of govenors made up of senior representatives of the medical,surgical and nursing staff.This gave them an insight into the unique requirements for running such services.

Future Fit

Fully agree with the comments expressed. The current management situation appears to be a prime example of the Peter Principle.

Future Fit

I agree with much of this. It's worth always remembering though that Option 1 and Option 2 are mirror images of rotteness. BOTH Future Fit options are about worse care and worse access to care, irrespective of where we live. We need an NHS that works for all of us: Telford and Wrekin, Shropshire, and Powys. Future Fit can be beaten - but our very best chance of winning is by standing together. That's how we're strongest.

SaTH .........the future.

Excellent letter from Leader of T@WBC. We now need ALL Members of Parliament for Shropshire to put their loyalty to the people of this County first in preference to their political bias. Our MPs need to "Stand up and be counted)

The Future Is NOT #Future_Fit

I stand with the council and NOT with #SATH #Option2 the peoples choice (including those of us who NEVER received a ballot)

Hospital board of governors

If the management has consistently failed why have the governors failed to remove them from office and engage competent staff to do the well paid job