Every person with any common sense knows that closing the A&E at PRH Telford will cost lives,when will this Government start putting people before money.Living in this country is starting to feel like living in the third world and as for asking this Government to listen to the people of Telford, well pigs might fly.

Telford A&E closure

It is crucial we keep our A&E, I am on Blood thinners ,I would bleed to death before I got to Shrewsbery if I had an accident. What is the point of moving the Women & Children's unit ? I have my 93 yr mother living with me, with many serious health issues. Leave the People of Telford's hospital alone !!!


The fact that Telford has a fully equipped hospital with an A&E is one of the key reasons that my family moved here. I like the town but the Future Fit decision, if implemented, will be a good reason to move on. The decision to ignore public consultation and proceed with their preferred option is unbelievably short sighted and doesn’t appear to have considered all potential impacts. Amateurs taking decisions with massive implications that they haven’t even considered is my perception of this situation. I’d love to see the risk & impact assessments that they used to inform the decision making!

prh telford

If telfords a@e is moved to rsh the the mortality rate will increase for young and old mainly due time travelling .telfords record for medical care for young and old is abysmal.the clinical board focus their attention,to much to welsh side of Shropshire.the need fof 2 A@E hospitals is a must.telfords council and mps must fight for this.How can a firm move to telford knowing an injury in work place will have to tavell to Shewsbury for treatment.time wasted for travelling etc


The decision to base the only 24/7 fully operational A&E Dept at Shrewsbury Hospital is a seriously retrograde step and I would like to give two personal examples of why I believe this to be so. A couple of years before Telford Hospital opened in 1989, my cousin had a heart attack and was found to be dead on arrival at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. I often wondered if the PRH had been open at the time would he have lived by receiving treatment there much more quickly ? It appears that we may be going back to those days. Secondly, following a serious stroke in 2016, when I could not move or speak, I was taken to the PRH within 20 minutes. After a thorough examination and brain scan, I was transferred immediately to The Royal Stoke University Hospital where a thrombectomy was carried out to remove the blood clot from my brain. I remained in hospital for only five days, after which I was allowed home where I soon made a full recovery. As there is only a short window of four hours, following the onset of a stroke, in which to carry out a thrombectomy I do not believe that the delay of a 20 mile journey to Shrewsbury, investigation and then on to Stoke would have achieved the same successful result. These difference between these two examples clearly demonstrates the importance of having a 24/7 fully operational A&E Dept at Telford.

A and e

Totally agree with Paul hinkings comments,we need 2 a and e facilities in Shropshire. My wife suffered heart attack two yrs ago,I was still talking to the doctor on the phone as the ambulance arrived. She was in prh within 10 minutes,I don't believe she would have made it to Shrewsbury 30 minutes away. Many others may die because of this foolish decision to have only one a and e at Shrewsbury to cover Shropshire.

A and E

Who in their right mind would want to travel from Newport (where I live) all the way to Shrewsbury Hospital. The journey is a nightmare and even with blue lights and sirens would seem like a journey without end to any patient feeling ill and in pain - could easily cost lives.

Playing with fire article

I am in agreement with the valid points that 24hrs A&E should be at PRH and I am still concerned about the competence of the SaTH senior management based on their historical poor performance in CQC reports and today’s comment in the local press that there has been four medical never events in the last 12 months

Future fit

We need both A and E , we need Telford urgently we are growing here so much , we don’t all have transport to get to Shrewsbury , we need both maybe then we can get seen by someone ????