The real reason?

Maybe i'm reading between the lines, but I'm sure it's been said that one reason why the local medical powers want to move A&E away from Telford is because of the difficulty of getting doctors to work in Telford - hence the exercise going on at PRH to renovate properties on-site to hopefully induce (bribe?) some courageous medical professionals to enter our locality. Just as long as they remember to don their stab vests and bring their armed bodyguards, eh? Yes, that is as ridiculous as it sounds, but the bottom line is pure snobbery - Shrewsbury is a 'nicer' place to be and (greater) cost be damned. Years ago I read that our NHS was seen as the world's leading medical training institution, with students flocking to our universities and hospitals from around the world to take advantage of relatively low-cost and high-calibre education. Considering this, why is there not some obligation upon such professionals upon qualification to go where the NHS needs them, a quid pro quo for their well-priced high-quality education?


Apart from growing population in Telford and doughts about Shrews being able to cope, it's totally rediculous that after spending millions on the mother and baby unit only a few years ago that it should be closed !!!

Support in Parliament

MP Lucy Allen raises future fit in parliament - (I'm surprised to find myself complimenting her - much as she complimented T&W council in the debate - but credit where it's due. Some things should be bigger than political divides)

Hospital plans

I really hope the Health Secretary puts a stop to this move. Telford has grown over the years and still growing we need Princess Royal Hospital A&E and children's Department, if both gets moved to Shrewsbury they will not be able to cope and people will be dieing and will get neglected. Please please dont let this happen stop messing with peoples lives Shrewsbury hospital will not be able to cope with added pressure

Hospital Plans

I truly hope that the Health Secretary intervenes and stops this nonsense. It would be certain death for many people if it were to go ahead as planned.

future fit

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